Most Loveable Dog Breeds You Can Pick As Your Buddy

There’s no doubt that adding a dog to your family will fill each heart. Encourage playfulness and workout, improve your health and provide immense companionship. Choosing a dog for a family should take a few careful thoughts to find the best fit for your pooches. There’s a huge variety of dog breeds out there, and each type offers unique and attractive characteristics. Some pooches are better for city living, and others are more suited for rustic farm life. Here’re our top dog breeds recommendations.


Chihuahuas mightn’t have a good track record but that is likely because they tend to bond to open person and one person only. Not a perfect pick for families with children or those who constantly come in contact with strangers, the Chihuahua is not above getting sassy with those he does not like. Though, as long as Chihuahua loves and trusts his owner, he’ll be your best buddy for life. They tend to fare better with older owners, especially those with calmer dispositions than high-energy ones.

French bulldog

When it comes to small dog breeds, this one has the personality and adaptability of a pet that doubles its size. The French bulldog can keep in form with daily jobs. But the dog breed is not the most athletic pooch out there. The doggy is lovely to have around kids of all ages, can be trained quickly, and doesn’t mind the company of other dogs. The dog barely barks and weighs up to 27lbs at the most.

Staffordshire and Pit Bull Terriers

These dogs can have a bad reputation, but in the right house, their most egregious behavior can be hogging the whole bed or being convinced they’re lap dogs, though they can weigh up to 80 lbs. They love people and can make truly great family dogs who’re eager to please and hard to get out of bed. Like several dog breeds, they need some training and socialization, but they can be wonderful companions and truly cuddle bugs.

The Pug

Just 1 look at the squashed face and you can tell that the main reason pugs were bred is to be lapdogs. And lapdogs, they’re! With serious maintenance when it comes to social interaction and attention, pugs can be stubborn at times, but ultimately, they can find excellent rewards in pleasing their owners. As their body type might suggest, though they can be very cuddly and lazy, owners need to keep an eye on their diet and weight as they can become overweight somewhat easily.

Labrador retriever

Some folks believe that this is the right family dog, and by the way, the Labrador retriever occurs to be a favorite dog. The Aka says that this pet is loveable, gets along great with children and adults, and is simple to train. The Labrador retriever is a medium or big dog breed. The male weighs 65 to 80lbs and the female hits the scale at 55 to 70 lbs.

Old English sheepdog

An Old English sheepdog has high social and attention needs, so if you want affection from this big lug, you will have to give it in return, also. We also adds that sheepdog tends to have a sense of humor, but it should be dealt with carefully. Some sheepdog owners report that their dogs tend to find fun in causing a bit of chaos. Even still, a sheepdog above all else wants to be loved and given love also, as long as you socialize and train it early, you’d feel rewarded for owning a sheepdog.


Like a Labrador, it is a mix between retriever and Labrador and poodle parents – are exceptionally sociable and trainable. They’re a friendly dog breed that meshes well with families and kids. Known to be people-oriented, dogs tend to give a lot of affection and just want to be played with.


These low-riding puppies are known for their small fame and their oddly striking resemblance to hot dogs, but these small dogs love to snuggle up next to their human. Dachshunds are recognized for their loving personality and will gladly spoon with you on the floor, burrow beneath your bed sheets at night, and be rocked like a baby in your arms if it means they obtain more time with their much loved person in the world – you.

Golden Retriever

This one breed comes as no shocker to most of us. Retrievers, both Labrador and Golden are known to be one of the most loving dog breeds. They’re smart, simple to train, and the top dog for families. I have personally seen young kids playing with these breeds for a long time whereas other dog breeds would run off to not be bothered. These dogs will lie down and soak up the attention and give just as much affection back.


The dog bred is another gentle giant. They’re friendly and very calm, but several also love to show affection towards kids if trained properly. Because they need an active lifestyle and love being outdoors, they are perfect for pet owners who like and exercise by day and lounge by night. Newfoundland is the big teddy bear of pets, making them the ultimate cuddle partner once it is time to kick back. These gentle giants will also not show aggression via biting. See what other pooches are less likely to bite.

choose the right dog breed

How to Choose a Dog Breed

When you are planning on getting a family dog, the AKC says there’re several things to consider that can help you make a wise option. Look at the following traits of a pet you’d like, and research how this particular dog breed bonds with your family.

-Energy Level
-Good with other dogs
-Good with children
-Barking Level

Even dog’s life expectancy is something you’d take into account. Some dogs live a bit longer than other breeds. Genetics and the size of the pet play a role, but also, the care of your dog and its feeding habits determine how long your dog lives.