Funny Dog Names – How to pick the right one for your dog?

Sometimes you look into a new dog’s eyes, and you just know that a funny dog name is a way to go. There is a certain wiggle, a special spark, and a cute smile that tells you this dog is going to make you laugh. Not only that, but your dog is a huge part of your life, so their name needs to reflect your personality and nature. Funny dog names are right for silly puppies, anybody with a sense of humor, dogs with huge personalities, or just dogs that have the energy to spare. If you are looking for a name that stands out from the pack, you are in luck. We have handpicked some great funny dog names to find a hilarious mix.

Top Funny Dog Names

Movies and pop culture are wonderful places to start looking for funny puppy names. For example, Tramp is a funny dog name for males, based on the Movie Lady and the Tramp. Rowlf is also a funny name from the Muppets and Slinky is the same funny name from Toy Story. You can also name your pooch Toto, the sidekick from the Wizard of Oz. Bruiser from Legally Blonde would be much funnier for some dogs, particularly if they were small and not a bruiser in the least.

Find best name for your dog

Funny names for small dogs

Some of the finest names for small dogs have the biggest meaning – like a tank for your small toy Brutus or Poodle for your itty bitty Chihuahua. Other options make the most of your pet’s small stature with a funny dog name that’ll bring a smile to anybody’s face when they hear it. A dose of irony is often a great recipe for a funny dog name for small dogs.

-King Kong

Funny dog names for big pooches

Give your dog a surprisingly funny name with one of these funny and humorous options. Whether you make the most of your pet’s big and strong nature with fun like Mac Daddy or have a little fun by naming him something out of character – like Tiny or Pee Wee – these are the finest funny dog names for big pooches.

-Chuck Norris
-Captain Chaos
-Mac Daddy
-Pee Wee
-Queen Bey

Personality-Style dog names

Your pooch is the best dog in the world. She has a unique personality. Pick a name that captures that individual flair. Think of the sorts of activities your pet loves for ideas – Yippy, Mr. Smiles, etc.

-Angry Joe
-Captain Side-Eye
-Jolly Good
-Sir Barks-a-lot
-Lazy Susan

Dog names inspired by favorite hobbies

A new pooch keeps you busy. Maybe even very busy working on your favorite pastimes or engaging with your hobbies. Then again, you might have a quiet, mellow, and respected pet that honors your personal space and time. Make a list of fun activities you love to do and see if any funny dog name emerges.

-Mr. Monopoly

How to choose the right funny dog name?

Choosing the name of your pet can be the most challenging part of adopting a new dog. There’re thousands and thousands of name possibilities out there. It can be difficult to settle on just one perfect name. Even if you have decided to give your pet a funny name, there’ll be hundreds of other options that’ll pop around. When choosing a dog name, others will surely give you their opinions, start by making a list of your favorite funny names. The shorter the list, the better! Then, try each word out on your dog for a couple of hours to see if he’ll respond. He would not get confused by the different names, as it takes dogs a few days to learn their name. Sometimes, you might want to wait a bit before naming your dog so that you can get to know his personality. No matter how much you like a name, a few names are just not fitting for some dogs it must reflect their personality.

What else should you pay attention to pick the name?

Even if your priority is funniness, you’d also bear in mind that a perfect name should be comfortable to use. Bear in mind that at times, you will probably need to call your pup over and over. You might get irritated if it is not easy to pronounce. Also, you’d avoid those names which are simple to confuse with commands. That is a ready-made recipe for a behavioral disaster.


Bear in mind that name shouldn’t only fit the pet but also be easy to use. It shouldn’t be very complicated or long. Otherwise, you will most likely end up shortening it, anyway. 2 syllables are a perfect length.

Right construction

It is easier to get your dog’s attention with a name that finishes with a vowel. Take that into account when picking the dog’s name.

The connotations it brings

If you want a funny dog name –fine, go for it ensures, though, that it should not bring negative associations to mind. They might cause unexpected issues – like the inability to find a foster guardian when you are leaving home for a while.

What funny dog name should I call my pooch?

As you have seen, there’re several funny dog names that you’d call your furry friend. We have listed our favorites in this blog, but you probably thought of a funnier name after this. Pick a great name that you like that’s also fitting for your dog. Either way, whether you’ve a Chihuahua or a Bulldog, we are sure you will find some fun inspiration for your new pet’s name in this blog. Leave your comment in our blog to share with us other funny dog names you can think of!