Dog Fun Facts You Might Know

There are so many interesting dog fun facts to learn when it comes to man’s best buddy. With all the cuddle, love, and championship these 4-legged family members give us, the least we can do is learn a bit more about what makes them so special – not that we need any other proof. Whether you’ve a large dog or a small dog, there are so many fun facts about dogs that go beyond just their behavior and facial expressions. While the list goes on and on, these are some of our favorites.

Some fun facts about your dog

Tail Wags have several meanings

Tail-wagging is one of the finest methods of communication in the canine kingdom. When a dog wags their trail, yes it can mean they are super excited, but it can also have lesser-known meanings. While some tail wags are linked with excitement, others can meal aggression, fear, or insecurity. And many other feelings might include agitation negotiation, friendliness, curiosity, and happiness depending on the position and speed of your dog wag.

Dogs can see more than just white and black color

Have you ever wondered what the actual world would seem like through your pup’s eye? You’re not alone! It has long been assumed that canines can just see shades of gray. Though that is not the case, dogs can see color, however, the colors are not as vivid as humans.

A dog can help you with health issues

Dogs bring so much fun and joy to the world and can do great things for people dealing with health issues. Not only can pets be trained to help individuals with visual, physical, or hearing impairments, but they can also give support to people living with mental issues such as depression and anxiety. In the 90s, a blind man hiked the Appalachian Trail for 8 months with his guide dog, Orient, assisting him along the way. Dogs are truly our best friends!

Your Dog can respond to your tone

Do not forget that dogs do not experience the full breadth of emotions humans do, so if you are trying to train to admonish your pet, speaking in an angry tone and very loud noise might just make him skittish. According to an expert, the prosodic tone, speech, rhythm, and pitch of your voice are way more important than what you are saying. That is also a huge part of the reason dogs respond positively to that top-patched cute pet speak. You’d ignore these very common dog training myths.

Your dog can learn more than one thousand words

Some major universities like Yale University and Duke University have programs dedicated to pooch psychology. We’ve therefore far learned that your pet has a pretty impressive vocabulary. They mightn’t be able to speak back to you, but they pick up on quite a little of what you are saying! If only they’d just talk back.

Dogs are smart as your 2 years old child

According to the canine researcher, your toddler and dog are about on par when it comes to brains and smartness. The researcher also explained the man’s best friend can understand; count more than 150 words, and even people or other pets to get treats. Smartness also varies based on your dog breed – Border Collies are the most intelligent dog breed.

Dog puppies are born blind and deaf

Newborn doggy pups are still in a developmental stage when they’re born. Both their eyes and ear canals are still closed at the time of their birth. During this period, they use heat sensors in their nose to detect their mom. The majority of the pooches will start opening their eyes and becoming responsive around two weeks of age.

Do not get so touchy-feely

Of course, you love your good girl or boy so much. But they do not love it when you give them big bear hugs. The way people show love is not the similar way a dog shows love or wants to receive love. According to a dog training company Fun Paw Care, it can be highly stressful. Your dogs can adopt and become super comfortable with their loved ones hugging them, but you should still be careful about giving cuddles to a dog you do not know well, and about letting strangers hug yours. You might be surprised to learn a few other things you do that your pooch hates.

A sense of smell in your dog is 10,000 to 100,000 times stronger than in humans

It is no secret that dogs are expert sniffers. The main reason the sense smell of dogs is 10,000 to 100,000 times stronger than ours is that they’ve over 3 hundred million olfactory receptors in their nose. Especially, a Bloodhound’s sense of smell is super strong that it can be used as evidence in a court of law. Watch out police, there is a new top dog in your town.

Dogs can sweat through their paws

Have you ever given your dog a high 5 and noticed the bottom of its paw was a little moist? This is completely normal? Unlike humans who’ve seat glands covering most of our body, the majority of sweet glands of dogs are located in their paws.

Dogs get jealous

You are not imagining it if you think your pet is acting jealous when you give other dogs or pet attention, according to a pet expert. It mightn’t be exactly how we experience jealousy, but research has shown that it is the same as how an infant might get very jealous. That certainly tracks with the pet’s smartness being on part with that of a kid. This dog jealousy is something pet groomers experience when they come home to their dogs – and it is one of the things pet groomers want you to know.

The tallest dog in the world is 44” tall

Dogs come in all sizes and shapes. But the award for the world’s tallest pooch goes to Zeus, a Great Dane measuring 44” tall. See for yourself! Ok, we understand now why he got the name, Zeus.

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