The funniest dogs on the internet

Dogs are loyal and cute. They have rich feelings and special personalities. They are the top companion pets for human beings. But besides, their cuteness, some dogs very funny. So do you know the top funniest dogs in the planet and on the internet?

Talking dog

This pup first came to YouTube bringing his attraction of all things bacon and steak in 2015. The video consists of the pup pining over its owner’s fresh meal. It generally consists of hopeful eyes and regretful moans. Despite earning over a half of millions YouTube views, he was never given his hearty treat while the camera were rolling.

Rusty the Narcoleptic puppy

Rusty the deckhand was the primary dog with narcolepsy to be filmed. Somehow the very old video has found its way onto the online world and straight into our hearts. While for many the video was something to squee at and move on during our workday, Rusty has became the mascot for pups with narcolepsy.

Loki the corgi

Loki has been in vines, videos, comics, and everything in between. This stylish stomper had a face for movie with his soulful eyes and express bark. Unluckily, loki crossed the rainbow bridge in late 2016. Now, he is frapping with the angles. Luckily, we will forever have the countless vines, video, pictures, and snapchats he shared.

Loca the pug

Loca the pug is an adorable pretty fella from the emerald isles. He is in a big dog family that gives him lots of love and focus. But, unlike other pups, loca has an issue with running. While he works hard to keep up her sisters and brothers, he has a bit of issue keeping himself from failing all over the place or tumbling over his siblings. Luckily, he has extremely patient owners and siblings to help him through life.

Marbles, peach, and Kermit

Jenna Marbles is a YouTube star that has 3 adorable little dogs named Marble, Peach, and Kermit. While they all seem somewhat aloof in the video, she ensures their personalities shine through their shy demeanours. If you need a laugh, we advise watching the Dog Intelligence test video or how to annoy your dog’s part 3, 2, and 1.

Anyway, we are here discussing some of the funniest dog breads:

Siberian Husky

Not all of the funniest dog breeds are little, hyper dogs or dogs with pushed-in faces or bulging eyes. The Siberian husky is a sleek, big, strong dog that is bred for pulling sleds, but its dignified look belies a fun-loving personality. Huskies are intelligent, energetic dogs, and if you don’t give them things to play they are able of making up games of their own.

Border Collie

The border collie is generally regarded as one of the most clever dog breeds, an intelligence that is tempered by energetic, playful personality. Their playful and smart nature can cut both ways. On the one hand, they have to have mental and physical stimulation in which to channel their power lest it become destructive.

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