Some dog fun facts about your best friend

Chances are, you are a dog lover like us, but today we want to discuss about the most amazing, dog fun, weird and remarkable dog facts. Because let’s face it, our 4 legged friends are pretty unbelievable are not they? From their physical and anatomy capabilities, to their relationship and intelligence with humans, here are the best dog fun facts that will help you get to know your top friend even better.

funny facts about your dog

Some dog fun facts…

  • The bible mentions dog fourteen times.

  • Greyhounds are the quickest dogs on planet, with speeds of up to forty-five miles per hour.

  • An estimated 1000,000 dogs in the America have been named as the first beneficiaries in their owners will.

  • Dog’s nose prints are as special as human fingerprints and can be used to rightly identify them.

  • Humans have kept dogs as pet for over 11,000 years.

  • Dogs have no sense of time

  • The biggest breed of dog is the Irish wolfhound.

  • Dalmatians are born fully white. As they age they begin to develop the spots that make the breed so popular.

  • Over fifty percent of dog owners include their dogs in holiday photos.

  • Queen Elizabeth II has owned over thirty Corgis since 1945. They were also featured in the opening ceremony skit for the London Olympics 2012 featuring Daniel Craig as James Bond.

  • The Japanese Chins and Pekingese were so vital in the Ancient Far East that they had their own court of servants and were worshipped in very old Chinese Temples. They were also carried on trade routes as gifts for emperors and monarchs.

  • After the fall of the Roman Empire people were more worried about their survival that training and breeding dogs. During this time packs of dogs generally ran the streets and scared citizens. This is though that about the Legends of Werewolves.

  • The Shar-Pei and Chow Chow are the only 2 dogs that are famous for their purple/black tongues. The cause of this still unknown!

  • Ten million pets are missing yearly worldwide. Only less than twenty percent of dogs are reunited with their owners. With GPS dog owners forever know where their dear friend is and it therefore gives them a feeling of safety.

  • Chocolate contains a substance called as theobromine which can kill dogs or at the very least make them seriously ill. And that is not funny anymore…

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