How to properly name your puppy with funny dog names

Congratulations, you got yourself a puppy, or even better, puppies! Of course, you want to find the perfect name for them, though it might not be an easy task. After all, a name is something that will stick for a long time. Maybe you want to pick something cool, funny, or even royal,at the end it will have to be a funny dog names that represent your canine companion the most. The list of options are also very long and you might wonder if the name that you pick is too common, or boring, or perhaps sounds weird for a pup. Try not to worry too much, here are some tried and true tips established from experts to help you make the right choice.


Top funny dog names from youtube


Pick a name that end with vowels

Experts say that tone and vowel change helps dogs distinguish their name from other common words. If you lean towards something funny, you can consider naming your puppy Ziggy, Taco, Woody, or Moxie. Of course you can go for common people’s names as well, such as Rosie, Betty, Jimmy, or even Kanye. Another favorite choice is naming them after popular characters, like Winnie, Lady, Snoopy, or Buddy.

Avoid name that similar with command words

Any funny dog names with one syllable often confuse dogs with command words that you often say to them. For example, “Bo” is too similar to “No” and “Syd” is often misinterpreted as “Sit”. It will give you a lot of headache when you train them later. For sure, it is hilarious when you try to call your puppy, and they just do other things because they are confused, however you will be frustrated if it happens too often.

Better use a two syllables name

Funny puppy names like Furball, Jimmy Chew, and Puppacinno are sometimes hard to resist, however in the long run might make you tired of it. It is also difficult to say when you train them to understand some commands that make you end up shortening it. Therefore, choosing a meaningful name with two syllables is a better bet for your puppy. Try to repeat it over and over to make sure that you are comfortable with your choice.

Think of your puppy’s personality

It is always best when you can come up with a clever name that represents their feature or personality. Some common examples are names that related with their appearance, like Spotty, Blacky, Fluffy, Chewy, and many more. But you can also take its personality for consideration as well. Goofy is suitable for a cheerful dog and Luna can be a perfect choice for white and dreamy little pup.

There are nicknames too

Most of the time, you will end up giving you pups a cute nickname that can go as many as possible. Boco can turn into Mr. Bo, Baby Boo, Booboo, Bococinno, and many other derivatives. This is the reason why choosing long funny dog names will later confuse your dog, because people will always come up with a new name. Therefore, before you decide to pick the suitable name, try to think about the nicknames that they will get in the long run.

Matching name can be confusing

When you are gifted with a bunch of puppies or more than one pet, you might consider choosing matching names for them, like Scott, Snoop, Spots, and so on. Yes, it sounds really cute when you introduce them to your friends and family, but not for your cute puppies. Especially when you are training them to recognize their name. It can be very confusing for them to distinguish your tone because it all sounds too similar. You can pick a theme or a same initial for their name if you want to pick matching names for your pet.

Have fun with puns

Another fun idea to choose a funny dog name is playing with puns. There is a lot of inspiration that you can take from literature. Fictional characters, or word plays. Some famous puny examples include Hairy Pawter, Luke Skybarker, Sherlock Bones, Bullwinkle. Howler, and many more. Do not worry about the funny dog names, you can pick a shorter nickname that will make it easier for you to call your puppy later.

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