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Dogs greatly enrich your life. They increase feelings of relaxation, trust and empathy, and they can reduce stress! But most of all, dogs are funny! Our website is all about dogs and the crazy things they do. Funnydogs.org selects the funniest dog videos just for you and we post them daily on our website. These funny dogs videos will make your day. Interestingly, dogs usually start acting even crazier when they notice that people are having fun or when they notice they are being funny. They notice when we are having fun and perceive this as confirmation or encouragement. Dogs realize very well that they are being funny at that moment. Many people find doggy videos funny because they do things no one expects. At the same time, all dogs have their own unique personality. Do you love funny dogs videos as much as we do? Then you’ve come to the right place at Funnydogs.org.

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Cute and funny cat or children videos? Not want we want to see anymore! We’re on to something more thoughtful, brain stimulating and noble… FUNNY DOG VIDEOS!
Because, as you know for sure: Dogs are a man’s (and woman’s) best friend! But they are also much more than that: Your place to go when it comes to making you smirk! Whether that’s in real life… or on the internet, like most reasons to smile these days. Since people really love their fluffy friends and always hold a camera into their face – lucky us – we get to see some fails, adorable moments, or memorable mistakes… And all that within just a few seconds of our time.

These videos are going to make you laugh until your stomach hurts and you forget how bad behaved dogs can be… Maybe your pet will even laugh along with you 😉
So: Sit back and enjoy the show (not really, you actually have to scroll through the videos yourself – there’s no robot that’s able to do that yet, sorry!).
Let’s try again: Sit back (not too far), place your finger on the videos of your choice – and enjoy! This website is a place that you’ll leave happier than when you arrived. All that’s left to say is: Have a WOOFtastic experience!

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Cute dogs making us happy and healthy

Funny dog videos keep us coming back to funnydog.org. For more hilarious pups brighten our days. As dog lovers, we cannot get enough; we have shared some of our beloved viral funny dog’s videos so many times over the years that they have become classics. These videos will likely stick around and be re-shaped for years to come, and no matter how many times we view them, they still bring smiles to our faces.

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Lower blood pressure

Laughing causes an increase in blood flow and heart rate, which is followed by a subsequent reduce in blood pressure. Laughter over a prolonged period of time has been shown to decrease blood pressure and regulate blood sugar levels. Researchers claim that laughing could be valuable for diabetes.

Strengthens immune system

Laughter can strengthen your bodies defense system and has been shown to raise the amount of antibodies-producing cells and improving the effectiveness of T cells in your body. These cells save your body from pathogens. The defense system effect of laughter are well documented, which laughter therapy being generally used to support recovery from chronic diseases.

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Watch funny doggy videos and scrolling through images of cute animals may just be the top use of your breaks. Regular consumers of comedy and cute animal videos claim that little breaks filled with videos of sweet animals helps them increase their breaks and come back to work with increased and sharpened focus. This increased in productivity is attributed to a few factors adding the fact that viewing the videos appeared to help participants narrow their focus.

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Cute funny dogs are truly the best companion for people, especially for those who are struggling with mental health issues. For years, people have been posting videos about their precious memories with their dogs. It might be about their silly behavior or reaction, sometimes, there are even heartfelt moments which could wet our eyes. However it is, dogs have been a loyal companion for humans for much longer than any other animals. There are also times when your dog would just sit and lay besides you when you need comfort. But of course, that’s all not a coincidence, in fact, recent studies discover that having lovely dogs as companion could even improve your mental health

The Therapeutic Effect

It is not about preference when people will just ask for dogs and cats to cheer them up. Truly, rather than telling your problems to a close friend, it is much better to look at pics or vids of dogs doing daft things. Whatever your problem is, a person might debate you instead of console you for your problems. When unpleasant things happen in your worst mental state, things might go even lower. That is why cute animals have this magical effect, the ability to calm your chaotic mind and somehow bring a little happiness. If you pay close attention to your dogs, you will realize that they teach humans really precious lessons. Dogs love their human owner unconditionally. Their loyalty stays even amidst situations that endanger both its owners’ and its own life. They don’t care about your gender, race, ability, or anything that has been stereotyping you in your community. Your dogs would simply love you for all you are, with all they have.

Funny and cute dog Frieda

The Social Aspect

No matter who you are, there is no single person in the world who can live completely on their own. At least you would need a presence of someone who is significant in your life. You may not believe it but having bond with your pet dog is almost similar to a mother with a baby. Forming a network has always been a coping mechanism for people who are socially isolated. It is harder for such people to cope with mental depression and breakdown. Theoretically, feeling understood is the best cure for getting up from such condition. However, if a person is not able to communicate properly, it is nearly impossible to see refuge fro another person. It would be different if you have a doggy as companion. Even though you find it hard to start a conversation, but if you meet other people while taking your dog out for a walk, you would at least have something in common to talk about. Having those conversations would at least ease your mind or even make you something you have never felt before.

Very cute dog puppy pn beach

The Health Aspects

Being able to relieve some socially isolated people from loneliness is not the only benefir from having a pet dog. You can also get a health benefit from taking care of your dog. Walking your dog regularly is a must if you want to keep your beloved pet dog healthy. It would be even better if you can play some simple games with them. Besides you make your pet dogs healthy, you can also get to do at least some exercise for yourself. Doing workouts daily could boost your emotional, moreover physical wellbeing. And while playing catch and tending to their mess provides enough exercise for your whole body. Researchers also conducted a study in prisons where dogs become instrument for mental health examinations. The study came out that after bonding with the dogs, the prisoners could feel more peaceful, calmer, and better inside. Some of them even testified that they could feel the love that the dogs have for them and it’s just made them feel much better already.

Funny dog is playing in garden

Achieving the ideal mental health state could be tricky and difficult for people who are not sociable. However, having a dog beside them could improve their condition significantly, it could even be better than being sociable. What you have to do is just take a rest for a while and evaluate your own mental condition. Don’t hesitate to adopt a furry friend and uncover the beauty of lives. Visit our site to take a peek of the love that’s waiting for you